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We want to introduce you to the doers and thinkers in the running world, whose training concepts, depth of knowledge, and stories are so powerful that just hearing them will change the way you approach your running and training.

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How Inspiring Others Could Be the Motivation You Need to Succeed


2:11 Marathoner with an inspirational story coming from a rough upbringing to use running to overcome all odds

Why You Don’t Have to be the Best or the Fastest to be Inspiring


Raw, emotional, runner at Boston bombing site shares how running helped her overcoming an eating disorder

Optimizing Your Diet for Peak Performance 


Professional athlete & nutritionist talks about how to fuel correctly as a runner for performance and recover right

 Consistency as a Runner and Why a Community is so Valuable to Your Performance


Popular blogger Janae explains the importance of community for success as a runner and how to find that support

What Can You Do to Change the World?


The first Woman to Run Boston Marathon shares her story. This pioneer for the future of womens running inspires all

7+ Ways Cross Training Will Make You A Better, Stronger, Runner


You can race well off cross training! American Record Holder & cross training experts explain why and how

Why You Need to Believe You are Good Enough


Sports Psychologist gives mental tips to overcome those mental demons and stay strong in a race when you hurt

Struggling to Lose Weight as a Runner? Here is the Secret


Everyday runner and popular blogger who has lost over 125lbs through running, while still enjoying her favorite foods!

How to Unlock the Hero Inside You


NY Times Bestselling Author of Born to Run and Natural Born Heroes talks about his success and how to be a hero

Don't Take Our Word For It

This is by far the best running podcast I have ever listened to! This podcast is great for the long time runner as well as the beginner runner, because of the topics they discuss are common problems for all runners. In a noisy world full of crazy diets and a lot of false information about being healthy, this is a place where like minded runners can tune in, learning how to work through common pain points, and feel a part of a welcoming, fun, hard working community. Aside from Tina's adorable British accent, she is so genuine and knowledgeable about the sport, and truly has a heart to teach us how to be a better runner, often by learning from her mistakes. 

Best running podcasts, hands down!

Jasmin @mommys marathon

I so enjoy listening to this podcast and hearing Tina's interviews with various experts across the running community on a variety of topics. I've learned about everything from nutrition to running form to just staying motivated. I look forward to hearing this podcast each week and adding more knowledge to everything I have learned so far about how to run more efficiently and safely.

Great Podcast!


This is a great podcast. I've actually listened to every podcast, some multiple times. Tina Muir does an excellent job interviewing all of her guests- she seems to have a positive chemistry with every one of her guests, keeping the conversations and material interesting and relevant. I highly recommend this podcast to runners of all levels of experience. I look forward to weekly updates.

Great podcast for both new and advanced runners


Runner's Connect is actually the first podcast I ever listened to. I downloaded the episode that interviewed Janae Jacobs, as I was a regularly reader of her Hungry Runner Girl blog. I listened to that episode and just kept on listening. I have since become an avid podcast listener and listen to a variety of podcasts on running and nutrition. I like the balanced approach the show takes to running. I highly recommend the show to runners of any level who want a reliable resource on a wide variety of topics from running form, nutrition, training, cross-training, techniques. etc.

Runners Connect: A Balanced and Varied Resource for Runners of all Levels


I really enjoy listening to the podcast as I do my long runs. There is a variety of topics. Tina has never talked down to us slower runners. I appreciate it.

Great information


Listening to the podcasts has become a must-do in my week. I've learned so much by listening and have been made aware of great resources!

Excellent Source of Inspiration and Information

River Man

I just listened to the podcast with Fernando Cabada and was completely blown away! Runners whine a lot, about injuries, clothing and shoes and races and everything else. After listening to the incredible story of Cabada from growing up poor with a father in and out of jail to become a man with the mantra of "slow feet don't eat" you will never look at running and racing the same again!



I listen to a lot of podcasts on my work commute. This is, hands down my favorite since Tina took over. The interviews are great, the topics are always interesting, and Tina is always upbeat and approachable. I am not an elite by any stretch, but there is always something here for me (and any level). I always get excited for my Wednesday commute!

My favorite


Tina Muir is the great interviewed at the Run to the Top. In her 7 months of so here, she has turned this into a wonderful podcast. Top coaches, runners, authors, everyone is getting interviewed here. From Dan Lieberman and Chris McDougall to Alan Webb. Minimalist running, training, diet, cross training and all things running are covered. Tina gives a fantastic interview and is genuine. 

Best Running Podcast


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